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Couple of quick hits before we get to this week’s calendar:  it involves storm troopers, free store credit, and free comic books – all good things!

feat_9807 First, I just wanted to get this announcement in – we have confirmed that we will have members of the 501st Legion here for Free Comic Book Day this year!  The 501st legion is a professional organization that takes costumes to the next level – they are a troop made up entirely of volunteers who have the most authentic-looking Star Wars outfits that you will ever see.  They literally have outposts across the entire country, and their Great Lakes Garrison is going to send us a handful of special guests for this year’s FCBD!  I’ve been told that we might see Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and some storm troopers right here at Clem’s – don’t forget that Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 5th!  We’ll post accurate times of when we are expecting the 501st, as the date draws closer.

Second, I just want to put a reminder out there to everyone that if you have not yet given us your choices for who will win the biggest battles during Avengers Vs X-Men, you still have time!  You can win $50 in store credit with enough correct predictions, and the series titled “Avx Vs”, which will bring us all of these great fights, is scheduled to begin on April 25th.  Get over there and enter now!

Finally, a friendly reminder that if you are the sort of person who’s constantly got your smartphone on you, you can pick up a FREE COMIC, once a week, when you check in with our store on Facebook!  We began this new “check-in” rewards program after we hit 500 fans on Facebook back in November, and as of today we’re at 615 fans and still rising!  Make sure you check in with us when you stop by the store this week, and we’ll add an extra comic book to your pile for FREE.

secretservice Wednesday, April 11th – New Comic Book Day! – We are a little concerned that we under-ordered the hot new “America’s Got Powers” mini-series by Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch, so it is going to get only a passing mention here so that we don’t get you all too excited and find out that we’ve run out of copies.  So, don’t be too mindful of this awesome new series from Image about an American-Idol-like reality show that gives six young super-powered individuals the chance to join their country’s pre-eminent superhero team (Justice League or Avengers, you can fill in the blanks).  Nothing to see here.

Instead, let’s talk some more about “Secret Service” the second big release from Mark Millar under the “Icon” label at Marvel (did you pick up “SuperCrooks” a few weeks ago?).  Millar’s premise for this title, which is drawn by Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN), is how one would undertake the personal training required to be a 21st-Century James Bond type.  The series is set to be a six-issue run, but with success, of course, Millar is not above sequels (see Kick-Ass Part Two).  Read more about the series and check out some art here.

And keeping with our theme of potentially hot smaller-press stuff, how about “Secret”, the new ongoing series beginning this week from Jonathan Hickman?  That’s right, the guy behind Nightly News, Red Wing, Pax Romana, and the recent sell-out hit “Manhattan Project”, has yet another reality-based espionage / conspiracy comic book beginning this week.  Watch this video trailer for the title, and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be intrigued.  Hickman is turning into the Martin Scorsese of the comic world – let the guy spin his own tale and set the tone, and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

HeroClixGalacticGuardiansBooster Wednesday, April 11th – New Heroclix Release:  Galactic Guardians – Players have been looking forward to this set for awhile – truthfully, from the moment that the somewhat under-selling Hulk series came in a couple months ago.  But as Wizkids has slowly previewed some of the pieces in this new set, we are feeling more and more confident about Galactic Guardians, and you can get your hands on them first thing Wednesday morning.  We open at 10am!

You’ve got a new Doctor Doom in this set, a new Thing, a new Silver Surfer – plus the Heroclix debut of a few cosmic figures that we’ve been waiting for.  If you play in our regular Heroclix tournaments on Saturday mornings, you can probably expect to see a lot of these figures in your opponent’s army in the next few months, so we’d better get you loaded for bear so you can fight fire with fire!  One other note on this product – instead of a “Buy It By The Brick” incentive for this set, Wizkids has sent us a set of marquee figures, the #100 Super Nova, that we will be giving out with each brick purchase until they’re gone.  Limited supply, though, so you’ll want to be among the first 20 people to buy a brick from us!

Wednesday,  April 11th – 6pm & 7:30pm – D&D Encounters – We’re officially into Season Six of Encounters!!  A new format of play for D&D that has really been a hit, the Encounters experience allows you to essentially “drop in” on Wednesday nights for a quick, one-hour D&D encounter that is not part of a sequential story.  In other words, you don’t need to worry if you can’t make it every week, because the experience is setup in a way that whoever shows up each week will not need to have participated in anything prior.  If you participate regularly, you can bring back the same character that you begin with since week 1, but character progress is well-paced enough so that you can show up for the first time in week 7 and not be totally outclassed with your brand new character.  Each Encounters season lasts 13 weeks, and is supported by our RPG Reward Points program.  You can also read more about the Encounters program here, on D&D’s official website.

Thursday, April 12th – 6:30pm – Magic the Gathering Standard tournament – Dark Ascension is here!!  We run fully sanctioned Standard tournaments for Magic every week, starting around 6:30pm, and you can now incorporate some Dark Ascension cards into your deck.  We also support these tournaments with great prize support using our Magic Reward Points program.  Of course, for these tournaments to be sanctioned, we need 8 participants – most of the time, that’s no problem, but sometimes during college finals or bad weather, it can be a stretch, so make sure you call around and get your friends to come with you!  Make sure you come in and trade in the cards you’re not using anymore and get ready to pick up a box or two of the next set!  Check out our current stock online, and figure out which cards we’re taking in.

Web Thursday, April 12th – Sunday, April 15th – 1st Annual Capital City Film Festival – We’re hoping this will become an ongoing annual event – Lansing is hosting its first film festival!  Showcasing a huge variety of films made both locally and nationally, you can get a pass to the entire event’s worth of showings for 50 bucks, and use this nifty scheduler on their website to figure out what you’re going to see, and then to review it afterward.  The whole thing kicks off with a Red-Carpet party on Thursday at 4:30pm here in downtown Lansing, at Troppo, and wraps with a special showing of “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, the Oscar-nominated movie starring Tilda Swinton, at 7pm Sunday.

Saturday, April 14th – 10:30am – Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet tournament, Part 4 – Our series of EIGHT Infinity Gauntlet tournaments continues this month – if you didn’t get a chance to play in the first few, don’t worry – they’re not structured so that you need to play in previous tournaments, to play in current ones.  But of course everyone who attends EACH tournament is going to wind up with a SWEET Infinity Gauntlet Heroclix piece when all is said and done!  This month, every participant will receive the “Time Gem” Heroclix LE, and winners will receive an LE of “The Gardener”.

This tournament is scheduled to be a sealed event, using boosters from the just-released “Galactic Guardians” set.  Two boosters will cost you only $23 for this tournament, tax included, and you will build the best 400-point team that you can, from the figures that you open.

pfsociety Saturday, April 14th – Pathfinder Society?? – Pathfinder Society is basically the PF version of D&D’s Living Forgotten Realms.  No past experiences or adventures needed, just a character who is the appropriate level, and you can just show up and play!  All in a one-and-done session (albeit a session that may take several hours; PF Society does not enjoy the brevity of D&D Encounters).  Sound like something you might be interested in trying?  Read more about Pathfinder Society on the Paizo website, or visit our forums to find out when the next session is scheduled, and what level character you will need – right now we’re possibly looking at April 14th, but you need to keep an eye on the forums to know when that’s finalized.

Sunday, April 15th – 10pm – New TV:  NYC 22 – Another new police procedural that CBS is placing in the timeslot of CSI:Miami for the rest of the season, NYC:22 is a new show about a cadre of rookie beat cops in New York City, specifically in upper Manhattan.  This show stuck out to me for one big reason:  Robert DeNiro is executive-producing.  Reason enough to give it a look on Sunday?

Sunday, April 15th – Tax Day – You haven’t paid yet?  You’re in luck, pilgrim – the IRS is still going to give you a couple extra days, since Tax Day fell on a Sunday this year.  So now you’ve got til Tuesday.  Or else.  I won’t do anything so obviously corny or shameless as to tell you that you should come spend your tax return $$ at Clem’s, since most of our customers are surely going to wind up PAYING the IRS due to their enormous rolls of cash that have rocketed them into the highest tax brackets.  So really, you ought to be spending more money here at Clem’s all year round!!  Come on!!!  Get in here!!

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