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Last week we altogether skipped the newsletter, because we just didn’t have anything earth-moving to share.  But this week?  Age of Ultron, X-Wing Miniatures GameDay, a fantastic deal on a VERY hot comic book, Creator Owned Day, a crop of new board games, and oh yeah, SEX!

comics_age_of_ultron 1.  New Comics This Week – The Age of Ultron sounds like an extremely intriguing new story from Marvel.  Ultron, the historical Avengers villain who has been missing from Marvel continuity since about 2007, returns, and with him brings an apocalyptic end to the planet.  Our heroes are playing duck-and-cover in the remaining wreckage of our planet, and trying desperately to find a way to mobilize and still salvage what is left of humanity, by expelling Ultron one last time.

It also sounded like a great storyline when it was first pitched, a couple of years ago.  Now this fantastic yarn is being brought to us in a year when we are also expecting a monstrous new galactic crossover (see Galaxy, Guardians of, arriving in 2 weeks).  So will it still truly fit into the overall Marvel narrative in the way that it had been initially planned?  Time will tell, true believers, but with Brian Michael Bendis writing, and Bryan Hitch drawing, it’s still going to be a story worth checking out.

sex Oh, and the kicker?  FOIL cover, friends!  Let’s party like it’s 1999!

One more note this week – you know how they say that sex sells?  We at Clem’s are banking on it, because Image is releasing a new ongoing series this week simply title “Sex”.  It may go without saying, but this is a “mature readers” title.  Nonetheless, this interview / article about the title indicates that Joe Casey’s new work might not be the outrageous, pandering, artful orgy that the name may suggest.  It certainly gets your attention, though, doesn’t it?

Header-No-Date 2.  X-Wing Miniatures GameDay – Saturday, March 9th, 2pm – Star Wars Miniatures are HOT !!  We had a ton of people turn out when we ran our special “Preview Event” for the first wave of expansions for this game, back in November.  Those expansions, including the Millennium Falcon, Slave I, the A-Wing, and the TIE Interceptor, all release for sale this week, and along with that, we’re pleased to announce our first official Star Wars Miniatures GAMEDAY.  Click here for more details!

3.  Valiant preorder promotion – Now that our February promotion for those Valiant trade paperbacks is over, we’ve got just a bit more business to finish up with our friends at Valiant Entertainment.  You see, they sent us over some unique signed copies of some of their comic books, along with a T-shirt, and we want to make sure these items wind up in the right hands.  So just make sure you have a Valiant title – one or more – on your preorder list with Clem’s by March 13th, and you’ll have a pretty good shot to win one of these items!  Click here for more details!

nml-mod4 4.  Heroclix storyline tournament – Saturday, March 9th, 10:30am – Month Four of the “No Man’s Land” storyline is here.  If you missed the first two months, you should still come in – there are great prizes each and every month!  The Limited Edition figure this month is a Poison Ivy figure, designed specifically for this tournament, and we’ll also have FREE Flash Grenade 3D objects for the first 20 to arrive to play, plus an awesome Robinson Park map to give to most of our participants as well.  You can preview the event figures and map here.  Teams for this tournament must be 400 points Modern Age Constructed, 200 points must come from Batman, Streets of Gotham, or No Man’s Land.

5.  Creator Owned Day – Tuesday, March 5th – What is Creator Owned Day?  Just last year, artist Stephen Downey and a few others came up with the idea to identify one day on the calendar to celebrate the idea of the original comic book concept.  They encouraged creators across the world to come up with a unique character, complete with artwork and a backstory, and post it to their twitter feed, blog, what have you.  As Downey put it, “A lot of reader and creator focus is on characters owned by larger corporations. Let’s bring a little spotlight on creating brand new, creator owned concepts.”

Well, a lot of creators had a lot fun with the idea, and so it’s back again in 2012, on Tuesday the 5th.  You can read more here, or just look up “Creator Owned Day” on Twitter and you’ll quickly be able to explore the reach of the modern day creator’s imagination.

batmaninc8 6.  Batman Incorporated #8 – So we “kind of” saw this coming.  Last week, in the pages of Batman Incorporated #8, Grant Morrison began a story that he admits will culminate in the death of a familiar figure to Batman readers.  We were actually alerted to this possibility a few weeks ago, due to an anonymous tip placed to us by a mole deep within DC Comics, and phoned in, no doubt, from a barely-operable phone booth in a dark alley.  So we increased our orders.  And those orders, while not on time, are still coming to roost – we’re getting a very healthy influx of copies of Batman Inc. #8 this Wednesday.

And even though first-print copies of this comic are selling for between $10 and $15 on Ebay, we don’t want you, our dear customers, to have to pay through the nose to read this story.  So we’ll be putting them out for cover price, first come, first serve.  Of course the only catch is that we’re only selling one per customer.  Just so ya know.

ghooost 7.  New board games – The first couple of months of 2013 have been a little slow for board game releases, but March is getting exciting really quickly.  Late last week we received the first wave of expansions for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game, the same ones that we debuted at the Preview event last November.  And this week we’re getting the new “Munchkin Easter Eggs” expansion packs.  And new original board games to our shelves?  How about “Kemet” from Asmodee, the re-issue of “Tammany Hall” from Pandasaurus Games, and “Ghooost!”, the new Richard Garfield game.

8.  Shadowrun – Tuesday, March 5th, 6pm – Ready for a new RPG, a new gaming experience?  Our Shadowrun group is still going strong, and always looking for new drop-ins to try out this futuristic tabletop RPG.  No prior experience necessary, although of course it always helps, and you’re not committed to any future weeks or events.  Just give it a whirl!  If you’re ready for something different from the D&D or Pathfinder circuit, this just might be the game for you.

9.  News & Notes –

  • The crew behind the hit Youtube series “Tabletop” is sponsoring an international board-game event, to take place at local retail stores, on March 30th.  Clem’s will be participating!
  • J Michael Straczynski is relaunching his comic imprint, “Joe’s Comics”, through Image publishing.  He’ll get things started with a comic drawn by Ben Templesmith in May, called “Ten Grand”.
  • A new Batman/Superman title (known to some as “World’s Finest”) will debut from DC in June, by Greg Pak.
  • Board game release dates:  Z-Man has announced that Terra Mystica, which was a huge hit at Essen, will release in the US in early April.  And Rio Grande has promised that we can expect the new Dominion expansions, title “Guilds”, also this spring.


9.  Regular Stuff – Our other “regular” games – D&D Encounters, Magic & Heroclix, are on schedule as normal. The Heroclix tournament, as mentioned above, will be the Batman No Man’s Land tournament.  Check our store calendar  if you’re not sure of the times, or our individual Magic or Heroclix pages to look at our lists of in-store single cards/figures, or to learn more about our organized play!

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