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settlerscatan It’s another new post / newsletter!  I apologize for the gap last week as we did not issue any newsletter, but honestly, I took a look at the calendar and felt that there just wasn’t enough going on to fill up a page properly!  But we’re back this week, and have a big piece of news to share…

If you are a games customer here at Clem’s, chances are you’ve heard of the Origins game convention.  It’s held every year in Columbus, Ohio, around the end of May or beginning of June, and it’s one of TWO major game conventions in the USA where news is made, and new products are launched.  It’s a 4-day total game-fest, with free demos and tournaments of all kinds – collectible games, miniatures games, dice games, card games, board games, role-playing games, the works.  And we are offering you a chance to win a PAID FOUR-DAY TRIP for free!!  This includes hotel, travel, and a 4-day ticket to the convention.

The best part is, all you have to do is compete and win in ONE Settlers tournament to be on your way!  We’re holding a pre-qualifying tournament here at Clem’s to send a winner to the qualifying round of the Catan World Championships in Columbus!  If you win there, you’re on to US qualifying in Pennsylvania, and maybe the Worlds, again, all expenses paid.

2012-march-madness-bracket-predictions But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  It all starts here – March 24th, at Clem’s, 1:30pm.  If you’re interested, you NEED to pre-register with your name and email beforehand, we’re trying to plan to make sure we don’t get over-booked.  Review all the info at this link, get signed in, and we’ll see you on the 24th!

Speaking of competitions, there’s one other little contest that you might be interested in.  For almost a decade now, we have run a bracket pool for the NCAA basketball tournament, with the highest score in the group receiving a tidy sum of store credit at Clem’s!  The tradition continues this year, and as always, it’s FREE to enter – skip over to our website here to read the rules, fill out your bracket, and see if you can pocket some free money to spend at Clem’s.

Let’s get to that calendar…

dent_wallpaper_800x600_1 Monday, March 12th – Happy Birthday – Aaron Eckhart – He received his highest praise for his portrayal of a cigarette magnate in “Thank You For Smoking, but we probably all know him best for his turn as Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight Returns, four years ago.  The Christopher Nolan Batman movies will soon be sadly coming to an end – director, cast & crew have pretty much all uniformly agreed that this will be their last movie in the series.  I can understand why movie studios continue to cash the checks that come with owning properties like Amazing Spider-Man, even when it means rebooting a movie series a mere couple of years after the last one ended.  But I just can’t imagine anyone ever giving us Batman better than Nolan has, and for that reason, the release of the Dark Knight Rises this summer will be somewhat bittersweet.

By the way, Eckhart is not going to appear in the Dark Knight Rises, and it was Nolan’s decision, so evidently it was a storyline that didn’t need to continue into this final chapter.

Wednesday, March 14th – New Comic Book Day! – For all the mass hysteria and enormous book, game, shirt, and bobble head sales that have erupted from the success of the Walking Dead TV, I always felt that the comic book that would probably generate the biggest splash in the pop culture arena was a 60-issue project called “Y The Last Man”.ytlm1

For those who haven’t read it, it’s similar to Walking Dead in that it depicts a pseudo-apocalyptic event, and the story seems to focus on the survivors who are trying to make sense of what has happened.  But the “event” in this book is the utter destruction of the Y-chromosome, in which every male human being and animal on the planet simultaneously drops dead.  Except for one guy, Yorick, who quickly becomes the most sought-after person on Earth, either for experimentation, explanation, or the obvious conclusion that he is the last hope for the survival of mankind.

It was masterfully written, and while it has been bandied about for either a movie trilogy or television series for quite a while (with names attached to it like David Goyer, Shia LaBeaouf, and Zachary Levi), nothing has ever become of it.  Brian K Vaughn, the architect and writer of the series, ended it at 60 issues in March of 2008.

saga1 Why mention it here?  Well, two reasons.  Since Brian K Vaughan wrapped up his work on Y The Last Man and his two other popular series, Runaways (for Marvel) and Ex Machina (for DC/Wildstorm), he really hasn’t undertaken any other major comic book projects.  He was one of the principal writers on the TV show “Lost” for seasons 3 through 5, and hasn’t done a lot of work besides.   This week he makes his triumphant comeback to creating his own stories for comics with the series SAGA, which Wired calls a “grand sci-fi fantasy” about a sort of Romeo & Juliet pairing of a couple on opposite sides of a galactic war.  If you’re not sure that BKV will be able to re-create his magic, the first issues provides a real value to find out – a double-sized issue (44 pages) for just $2.99.

The other reason to mention Y The Last Man?  To help promote the release of SAGA this week, we’re putting BKV’s grand story on sale – you can get the first trade paperback (normally $12.99) for 35% off this week when you bring in the coupon from our email newsletter.  Don’t get the newsletter?  Sign up for it in the red box at the top right corner of this website!

Wednesday,  March 14th – 6pm & 7:30pm – D&D Encounters – We’re officially into Season Six of Encounters!!  A new format of play for D&D that has really been a hit, the Encounters experience allows you to essentially “drop in” on Wednesday nights for a quick, one-hour D&D encounter that is not part of a sequential story.  In other words, you don’t need to worry if you can’t make it every week, because the experience is setup in a way that whoever shows up each week will not need to have participated in anything prior.  If you participate regularly, you can bring back the same character that you begin with since week 1, but character progress is well-paced enough so that you can show up for the first time in week 7 and not be totally outclassed with your brand new character.  Each Encounters season lasts 13 weeks, and is supported by our RPG Reward Points program.  You can also read more about the Encounters program here, on D&D’s official website.

Thursday, March 15th – 6:30pm – Magic the Gathering Standard tournament – Dark Ascension is here!!  We run fully sanctioned Standard tournaments for Magic every week, starting around 6:30pm, and you can now incorporate some Dark Ascension cards into your deck.  We also support these tournaments with great prize support using our Magic Reward Points program.  Of course, for these tournaments to be sanctioned, we need 8 participants – most of the time, that’s no problem, but sometimes during college finals or bad weather, it can be a stretch, so make sure you call around and get your friends to come with you!  Make sure you come in and trade in the cards you’re not using anymore and get ready to pick up a box or two of the next set!  Check out our current stock online, and figure out which cards we’re taking in.

ipad3 Friday, March 16th – Go Shopping – New Ipad – We at Clem’s are really more of an Android store, but the impact that Apple has had on music & books with their technology over the last decade cannot be denied.  The Ipad tablet, when introduced, was also heralded as the beginning of the end for comic book shops.  I guess that could still be true, but so far, it almost appears that digital distribution has HELPED the print comics industry, instead of the opposite.  Of course, it’s early, and the jury’s still out, but we at Clem’s do wish to thank you, our fantastic customers, for keeping the collectible AND readable comic book alive and well in the modern market.

All that said – we salute the Ipad as well.  They’ve sold over 55 million of these puppies to date, and the newest version this weekend is supposed to run faster, display more clearly, and pickup 4G in the areas where it’s available.  I’m still not of a mind to put down $650 for one of these things, but for those of you who can, hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, March 17th – 10:30am – Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet tournament, Part 2 – Our series of EIGHT Infinity Gauntlet tournaments continues this month – if you didn’t get a chance to play in the first one in January, don’t worry – they’re not structured so that you need to play in previous tournaments, to play in current ones.  But of course everyone who attends EACH tournament is going to wind up with a SWEET Infinity Guanlet Heroclix piece when all is said and done!  This month, every participant will receive the “Power Gem” Heroclix LE, and winners will receive an LE of the “Champion”.

This tournament is rescheduled from last weekend (there was a huge Girl Scouts event downtown and traffic would have made a mess of things).  Teams this week must consist of a max 300 points of Modern Age figures.

ttr Saturday, March 17th – 2:00pm – Lansing Board Gamers! – Once every or month or so (it varies, depending on a variety of factors including MSU home football games!), we are really excited to host the group known as the Lansing Board Gamers.  This is an awesome troop of folks who just make it a point to gather once a month, typically on the 3rd Saturday of the month, to play board games throughout the day.  The range of games is almost unlimited, as most people who come will bring some of their current favorites, and Clem’s always has our full shelf of demo games to use as well.  PLUS – all who come and participate in the LBG group each month get 10% off all their board game purchases at our store that day, unless you want to put your purchases toward our more lucrative 20%-off program.  This is a completely open-invitation event – all are welcome, you can get a great lunch from Downtown Subs where they play at, it’s just a very relaxing fun day of games.  Come and see!

Sunday, March 18th – Time TBD – D&D Living Forgotten Realms – Each Sunday, a new D&D Living Forgotten Realms experience begins.  The “Living” nature of this event is such that, just like Encounters, you don’t need to have participated in previous installments to come and participate.  Unlike Encounters, however, this is much more of a typical role-playing game setting – we usually go 4-5 hours, and you can expect to level up, perhaps pick up some new items, etc., through the course of the event.  Bring your own character starting at any of the following levels – 1, 5, 8 or 11, and then you’re off and running.   Keep an eye on our forums for a new thread for each week’s adventure, and to RSVP for your spot at the table!  You’ll also want to confirm the time of day that they play, as it sometimes varies.

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