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This will be our last “This Week” information until 2013 – we intentionally keep the calendar pretty blank around the holidays, so that you can focus on things like your families, the holidays, and of course, stopping by to buy loads of Christmas gifts at Clem’s.

Remember that we DO offer gift certificates here at Clem’s, if you have somebody on your shopping list who likes to shop with us!  And did you remember to check to see if any of your friends have set up a gift registry with us?

django 1)  This Week’s Comics – OK, out of these two comic book adaptations, which do you think will fare better?  The first is, generally speaking, a cops-and-robbers show, but with a twist of romance between the primary two characters.  The second is an ultra-violent western movie by a director who has a cult following and has gone from indie love, to mainstream love, in just a few years.  The first features an actor who has widespread geek adoration, from projects like Firefly (and Serenity), to the ever-awesome web series Doctor Horrible.  The second is made by the same guy who did Pulp Fiction.  Case Closed.

Typically a police-vs-bad-guys TV show doesn’t make the upgrade to a comic book reproduction, but this is a special case when you factor in the presence of Nathan Fillion.  An original graphic novel based around the show “Castle” first appeared earlier this year, and apparently it did well enough to merit a mini-series from Marvel.  The first issue of CASTLE: A CALM BEFORE STORM arrives this week.  On the other side of our riddle, the new holiday movie from Quentin Tarantino, DJANGO UNCHAINED, is also beginning a mini-series this week, at the same time the movie hits theaters.  While it is an adaptation, the comic will include deleted scenes that did not make it into the final theatrical cut.

amazing700 2)  NEXT Week’s Comics – Next week is affectionately known in the comic community as the “Skip Week”, when retailers do not receive a full shipment of comic books because of the uncertain shipping schedules.  So what happens instead is that we are shipped a short number of comic books THIS week, that we are not allowed to sell until NEXT week.  You can see the full list of what will be available at this link, but the highlights include the much-awaited Amazing Spider-Man #700, Justice League #15 (which kicks off a new story arc crossing over with AQUAMAN, also releasing this week),  and a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mini-series.

3)  Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Star Wars RPG and the Living Card Game!  The timing is a little strange – it seems these items might have sold better if they had come out maybe a month before Christmas – but two highly anticipated Star Wars gaming properties hit our stores this week.  The new RPG, titled the “Edge of the Empire”, and which has been in Beta since GenCon earlier this year, will be releasing this week with a special Beginners Box.  And the new card game, also from Fantasy Flight games, also arrives along with unique card sleeves featuring Star Wars artwork.  The card game comes in just a Core Set currently, but you can expect expansions and more additive material in 2013!

sweebgrpg_500 Toss in the Heart of Africa map pack for Ticket to Ride, and the new board game “Clash of Cultures” from Z-Man, and we’ve got a busy pre-holiday gaming week!

4)  Regular stuff – Our other “regular” games – Magic, D&D Encounters & Heroclix, are on schedule this week as normal.  The only game that will be affected at all by the holidays is our scheduled Encounters game on Wednesday, December 26th – that game is canceled.  Check our store calendar if you’re not sure of the times, or our individual Magic or Heroclix pages to look at our lists of in-store single cards/figures, or to learn more about our organized play!

5)  DC DeckBuilding GameDay – Saturday, December 29th at 2pm – The new DC Deckbuilding game is here, and selling like hotcakes, so it’s time to do a GameDay!  Come in and check out the game, and perhaps play a few rounds.  We will be handing out four very-limited promo cards for the game, featuring the Martian Manhunter.  Haven’t tried the game yet?  Stop in anyway – we have a demo copy and we’d be happy to show you how it works.  Deckbuilding games are all the rage these days, and this new game using characters and stories from the DC comic-book universe is an excellent model for whey they’re so popular.  More details on our GameDay here.

magewars 6)  Mage Wars GameDay – Saturday, January 5th at 2pm – We’ll be posting more details on this on our website as the date gets closer, but since we won’t be doing any more newsletters between now and then, we thought we’d better include it!  If you’ve enjoyed the recent board game Mage Wars, and are interested in the organized play that’s described here on their website, you should come in and check this out.  The website describes a weekly unfolding story, and we’re not quite ready for that yet – but we will find a great way to host a good game event and distribute these promo cards, so make sure to mark this date on your calendar!

7)  Justice League of America – Just a quick reminder that we need special orders if you’d like a variant cover for this comic beyond the regular “United States” cover, and the Michigan cover.  We also have a very special (and very cheap) offer if you’re interested in picking up a set of all 52 state variant covers!  Check out this page on our website for details.

man-of-steel-poster2 8)  News & Notes –

  • Some turnover on DC New 52 titles – Gail Simone will be finished with Batgirl after issue #16, the last issue of the “Death Of The Family” storyline.  Duane Swierczynski will be leaving Birds of Prey, and Jim Zubkavich (writer of Skullkickers) will be taking over on issue #18.  Scott Snyder will shortly wrap up his run on Swamp Thing.  And Jim Starlin has announced that he will shortly begin writing a yet-unnamed DC title.
  • Valiant Comics will begin it’s first crossover between its titles in March, as Bloodshot and Harbinger combine for a four-part series over two months.
  • The second issue of My Little Pony, and the December issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, have been delayed until January due to a strike on the docks where the shipments are to arrive.  Time for IDW to consider printing in the United States?
  • A new Mage Wars expansion, called Forcemaster Vs Warlord, has been scheduled for Q1 in 2013.
  • A slew of new science-fiction trailers arrived last week for 2013 movies, including a full-length trailer for the Man of Steel, full-length Star Trek trailer, and the Tom Cruise-featured Oblivion.
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