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What?  We’re doing TWO half-price weeks in a row?

wikipedia blackout Yep.  Call us crazy, and don’t get too used to this, but we’ve got a couple more series this week that we feel have been under-appreciated, and so from today until we close on Saturday, there are TWO MORE titles you can pick up both the current, and recent back issues, for HALF-PRICE?  Our selections?   Drum roll, please… ladies and gentlemen, hurry in this week to grab issues of the X-SANCTION mini-series (issues #1 & #2), which directly leads up to the big Avengers vs. X-Men event happening later this year, and TEEN TITANS (issues #1, #2, #3 & #4), part of the DC New 52 relaunch.  Now thru Saturday, they are half the normal price.

And now, a word about SOPA.  Actually, as a soft consumer-driven business that never wants to offend anyone, we at Clem’s refuse to take a hard stance on the proposed legislation that many say could lead to an unprecedented level of censorship on the internet.  Piracy is bad, we get it.  Really, I only bring it up as a chance to link to yet another re-interpretation of the Hiter scene from Der Untergang, in which he rails against the injustices of SOPA.  Not familiar with the oft-interpreted scene?  Check out this great Wikipedia article … er, well, wait until Thursday to hit that link.  Wikipedia is blacked out today in a protest against SOPA.  And if you’re interested in how some comic personalities and publishers are receiving SOPA, this is a good article over at Comics Alliance.

Tuesday, January 17th – 10pm – Television:  Justified Season Three premiere – It’s already too late for me to talk about the premiere of Alcatraz, which was last night on Fox, and actually had pretty good ratings, so it might be good enough to stick around.  If you were trying to decide whether to watch it, it might be worth it to stick with it.  But it’s NOT TOO LATE for me to talk about one of my favorite shows on television, Justified, which premieres it’s third season tonight at 10pm.  It’s got the attitude of an old-school western but takes place in the modern-day backwoods of Tennessee – a gripping, fantastic show that has won numerous awards for its first two seasons.  Timothy Olyphant is awesome as the cool-customer protagonist that you wish you could be, but in a situation you’d never want to be in.  Do yourself a favor tonight – DVR it after the Michigan-Michigan State basketball game!

lordofthejungle Wednesday, January 18th– New Comic Book Day! – Many of you have seen our “Dollar Menu” comic books when you first come through the door – this is one of the most popular sections of our store, and with good reason.  For just a buck, you can sample a variety of different comic books – superhero or non-superhero, fantasy, crime, Vertigo, indies, pretty much everything… they are all “first issues”, or at least first issues of a story arc, and so they make it really accessible to try out new stuff.

These are all provided to us (for the most part) at that price point by the major comic publishers – DC, Marvel, IDW, Dark Horse, Image … all have gotten into the act in the last year.  But as great a marketing tactic as that sounds, the only downside is that most of the series that are promoted in that way, are already completed.  If you like the issue you just read, your next step is usually a graphic novel to try and catch up on all the material that comes afteward.

That’s why we love it when companies like Dynamite step up and offer a Dollar First Issue on a comic that is ACTUALLY a first issue… Lord of the Jungle #1 comes out this week, and #2 won’t be here until February.  You’re literally in on the ground floor of this title, and at a pretty cheap price.  It’s sometimes a little dicey to spend $4 before you find out for sure if a new comic series is something you’re going to get into – buying a $1 first issue mitigates that risk.  By, like, 25%.

Nowhere in the above pitch will you find anything that actually tells you that the new series about Tarzan is actually GOOD – I haven’t read it yet.  But this guy did.  And so did this guy.  That’s probably enough for me to cough up 100 cents.

On a sad note – I must here interject that we are woefully short on stock of this week’s flavor-of-the-week, Prophet #21 from Image Comics.  But, as you can see from the linked article, Image has already commissioned a second printing of this 90’s continuation that is getting crazy good reviews.  If you want to make sure you get a copy in your drop box, make sure and drop us a line to get it on your pull list.

Wednesday,  January 18th– 6pm & 7:30pm – D&D Encounters –We’re officially into Season Six of Encounters!!  A new format of play for D&D that has really been a hit, the Encounters experience allows you to essentially “drop in” on Wednesday nights for a quick, one-hour D&D encounter that is not part of a sequential story.  In other words, you don’t need to worry if you can’t make it every week, because the experience is setup in a way that whoever shows up each week will not need to have participated in anything prior.  If you participate regularly, you can bring back the same character that you begin with since week 1, but character progress is well-paced enough so that you can show up for the first time in week 7 and not be totally outclassed with your brand new character.  Each Encounters season lasts 13 weeks, and is supported by our RPG Reward Points program.  You can also read more about the Encounters program here, on D&D’s official website.

thesaurus Wednesday, January 18th – National Thesaurus Day – Today we honor (praise, compliment, credit) the life of Peter Mark Roget, who was born this day in 1779, and who went on to publish the first thesaurus in 1852.  For every one of us who has struggled (labored, strived, undertaken) to find two identical words to say the same in the same paragraph (a weekly staple of this newsletter), and for all of us who have used a thesaurus to make our accomplishments (skills, performances, achievements) sound so much more significant on our resume, we today raise a glass to Mr.Roget and his contribution to our lives (careers, stories, memoirs).

Thursday, January 19th – 6:30pm – Magic the Gathering Standard tournament – We run fully sanctioned Standard tournaments for Magic every week, starting around 6:30pm.  We also support these tournaments with great prize support using our Magic Reward Points program.  Of course, for these tournaments to be sanctioned, we need 8 participants – most of the time, that’s no problem, but sometimes during college finals or bad weather, it can be a stretch, so make sure you call around and get your friends to come with you!  Looking forward now to the next set, Dark Ascension, due at the end of January (PRE RELEASE TOURNAMENT IS ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 29TH!).  Make sure you come in and trade in the cards you’re not using anymore and get ready to pick up a box or two of the next set!  Check out our current stock online, and figure out which cards we’re taking in.

Saturday, January 20th – Happy Birthday Rainn Wilson!! – Lost among the accolades for the actor behind pop-culture icon Dwight Schrute are the many other credits on Rainn Wilson’s resume.  We salute him for his star turn in the not-really-a-superhero movie “SUPER”, and let’s not forget how fantastic he was in “The Rocker”.  Plus there’s… I think in 2008 he was in… well, actually, what’s wrong with just have a fictional beet farm to your acting legacy?  He’s still worth the price of admission every Thursday night.

schrute-farms-logo Saturday, January 21st – 10:30am – Heroclix tournament – Every Saturday at 10:30am, the longest-running game at Clem’s gathers, the time for Heroclix.  Ever since this game released, we have had a sure and steady cast of players, and it shows in our weekly turnout.  We’ve hosted pre-release tournaments, marquees for every set, special tournaments for promos and big-figure sets… and the best is yet to come!!  Typically, though, every Saturday is a constructed tournament, with details being released on our message boards usually within 5 days of the next tournament. The tournaments are all in good fun, and are supported by prize support from the game’s manufacturer, Wizkids, who send us limited-edition figures to give away each and every Saturday.  The new Incredible Hulk set, plus the Halo, Street Fighter & Gears of War sets are all fair game for these!

Saturday, January 21st – 1:30pm – Lansing Board Gamers! – Once every or month or so (it varies, depending on a variety of factors including MSU home football games!), we are really excited to host the group known as the Lansing Board Gamers.  This is an awesome troop of folks who just make it a point to gather once a month, typically on the 3rd Saturday of the month, to play board games throughout the day.  The range of games is almost unlimited, as most people who come will bring some of their current favorites, and Clem’s always has our full shelf of demo games to use as well.  PLUS – all who come and participate in the LBG group each month get 10% off all their board game purchases at our store that day, unless you want to put your purchases toward our more lucrative 20%-off program.  This is a completely open-invitation event – all are welcome, you can get a great lunch from Downtown Subs where they play at, it’s just a very relaxing fun day of games.  Come and see!

Sunday, January 22nd – Time TBD – D&D Living Forgotten Realms – Each Sunday, a new D&D Living Forgotten Realms experience begins.  The “Living” nature of this event is such that, just like Encounters, you don’t need to have participated in previous installments to come and participate.  Unlike Encounters, however, this is much more of a typical role-playing game setting – we usually go 4-5 hours, and you can expect to level up, perhaps pick up some new items, etc., through the course of the event.  Bring your own character starting at any of the following levels – 1, 5, 8 or 11, and then you’re off and running.   Keep an eye on our forums for a new thread for each week’s adventure, and to RSVP for your spot at the table!  You’ll also want to confirm the time of day that they play, as it sometimes varies.

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