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We had a fantastic weekend of Black Friday sales, and now we’re getting ready to rev up the Hype Machine for the holiday month!   What’s out there to hype, you ask?  We’ve got a fresh round of Marvel Now comics releasing this month, plus the Vertigo adaptation of Django Unchained, a new TMNT comic, and the sleu of fresh Image Comics #1 issues that always produce a few gems.  Plus a regular slate of game-dates in the store to keep you distracted from the stress of the holidays, and a few other events that we’re still developing.  Stay tuned!

Rainbow-Dash-my-little-pony-17940460-307-304 Here’s what’s hot this week:

1)  My Little Pony #1 releases this Wednesday, November 26th – Our announcement of this release actually comes with some hesitation, as we are already taking orders for the 2nd prints, which are scheduled to arrive December 19th.  We WILL have some first prints on sale this Wednesday!  But given the attention this book has received – national orders topped 100,000 before IDW set its final print run – they could go fast, so we recommend you visit the store early this week if you’re a Brony looking for your fix!

Additionally, we would be remiss if we did not mention a couple other #1 issues – “Arrow”, based on the CW series that has truly shocked the TV-ratings experts by picking right up with audiences where Smallville left off.  This title is not meant to be an adaptation, but rather a companion to the show, so if you’re a fan, these may be worth checking out.  Also, it seems like there’s at least one new Image series every month that captivates both readers and speculators alike, and this week’s “Nowhere Men” could be it.  Written by Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson,who has merely dabbled in comic writing since his early days on Youngblood and Supreme, this comic imagines a future where the most inventive of our scientists have become our culture’s celebrities, and group of them all come to work for the same employer.  Intrigue ensues.

quarriorsdice 2)  Quarriors tournament – Saturday, December 1st @ 2pm – Kick off your December with a fun tournament for this popular dice-building game.  We’ve done a couple of these and had good turnouts, but the last one was back on July 28th, so we thought it was time to mix in another one.  We will be using the Quarriors Original core dice set, and we may mix in expansions depending on how many sets we have – so bring your expansions if you own them!

This time we’re doing the “pay for prizes” format – those of you who have played in a fee-based tournament at Clem’s before will know the routine.  A $5 (five dollar) fee will get you into the mix, but we will actually turn that five bucks right back around into the prize pool, and kick in an extra $2 per participant.  So a two-person tournament will mean a $14 prize pool.  A four-person tournament will mean a $28 prize pool.  And of course, we’re hoping for many more people than that, and a much bigger prize pool!

3)  Heroclix Supremacy League Re-Roll – Saturday, December 1st @ 10:30am – Those of you who have played in the Supremacy League before know how this works.  For those of you that haven’t, this is a fun, and very cheap, Heroclix “league” that you can play in for just five bucks!  We will be giving out special LE figures that have been traded into the store with the prize money, and the league Board will operate the way it has in the past.  We can explain the particulars to you when you come in, or you might just get all your questions answered here – this is the page on our website that was posted when we first began it.  You need to come this Saturday to determine your initial seeding on the board!  This seeding tournament will replace our normal escape Heroclix tournament for the week.

4)  Escape from the Temple Curse (Queen) – Wanted to make sure we mentioned Escape, the hot new board game that’s pulling a lot of positive reviews.  This is another game that got going thanks to Kickstarter – they set a goal of $10k to get it into production, and the concept raised $50k instead – seemed like a game worth stocking at Clem’s!  The game is described as a “real-time, cooperative dice-driven game of escaping from the cursed Mayan Temple!”.  That may sound confusing, but after you read the full description on the Kickstarter page, I think you’ll be intrigued, and might be ready to help “Escape” make a mad dash from our shelves!

5)  News & Notes

  • Paizo has posted more information on their website about the upcoming Pathfinder card game – it will be a deckbuilder, a cooperative game for up to 6 players (and even a 1-player component!), and they’re looking for playtesters!   Surf over to their message boards for info on that.
  • Marvel Comics announced their next big universe event – the “Age of Ultron”, hinted at for quite some time, will be storming Marvel comic books beginning in March.
  • And not to be outdone, Marvel went and… announced another March event, the “X-Termination”, looking to be a crossover through the X-books, also taking place in March.  Save your pennies this winter, cause this spring is going to be nuts if you’re a Marvel fan.
  • The first issue of the new Bleeding Cool magazine listed a “Power 100” of the most influential people in comic books.  Topping the list?  DC’s artist / co-publisher, Jim Lee.
  • IDW Publishing has announced a line of revamped GI Joe comic books starting in February, adding writer Fred Van Lente to their current mix which includes Chuck Dixon.

6)  Our other “regular” games – Magic, D&D Encounters & Heroclix, are on schedule as normal. (Our Heroclix tournament will be the re-seeding for the Supremacy League:  see above)  Check our store calendar if you’re not sure of the times, or our individual Magic or Heroclix pages to look at our lists of in-store single cards/figures, or to learn more about our organized play!

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