Settlers PRE-QUALIFER – win a paid trip to Origins!!

March 7, 2012 Leave a reply

UPDATE 3/26/2012: Check out a few pictures from the tournament!  18 people came to compete for a trip to Origins on Saturday…


This is big news.  It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a regular Settlers tournament or event – sometimes it seems as though folks who play board games have moved on, and are looking for tournaments for newer games like Dominion or Small World.

But anyone who enjoys this modern wave of Euro-style board games, has to admit – Settlers of Catan is really the game that got the phenomenon rolling here in the United States.  You can find it now in Barnes & Noble and a variety of other mass-market outlets – it’s achieved enormous public appeal now.  This is the game that can usually stretch those Monopoly & Yahtzee-loving families out there to broaden their horizons, and introduces them to a whole new world of board & card gaming.

Because of it’s tremendous following, there is now an annual world championship tournament, with qualifiers held throughout the United States.  You might think you’re not Settlers championship material…   But all you have to do is win ONE tournament here at Clem’s, and you’ll receive an all-expenses-paid trip for FOUR DAYS to the annual Origins game convention in Columbus, Ohio in late May.  And from there, who knows what could happen?  Winners at Origins will be given a paid trip to Pennsylvania for the national finals, and then it could be on to the Worlds!

If it sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry.  We recommend you just take it one step at a time, and that first step is to come to Clem’s on MARCH 24TH, at 1:30pm, and participate in our pre-qualifier Settlers tournament!  Entry is only $10, but the winner will receive 4 days hotel in Columbus, a free 4-day pass to the Origins convention, and Clem’s will be paying your travel costs to drive down there!   This is probably the coolest prize we’ve ever been able to hand out for a tournament here at our store, and we’re excited to do it!

All of this is made possible by the great folks at Mayfair Games, so we want to thank them for allowing us to host this event.  PLEASE take the time to enter your info below if you plan to attend – it will help us to plan if we have a rough idea of how many contestants may be coming!

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